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June 9th, 2014

Hiking Essentials for the Outdoors

Tundra Dry Herb Vaporizer

With the vast popularity of outdoor activities, there are blogs dedicated to just about every niche of the outdoor world, from biking to ultralight backpacking. Here are our favorite Hiking essentials for the avid outdoors-man.

Wulfmods Tundra Portable Vaporizer

The Wulfmods Tundra Portable Vaporizer allows for the Vaporization of dried blends at multiple temperature levels. Employing a smooth and compressed design concept, the Tundra Vaporizer offers a one handed operation setting that easily fits inside the palm of your hand, while a rechargeable lithium ion battery powers the stainless steel heater, allowing for quick heating in 90 seconds at any altitude with 3 different temperature level. A full charge provides up to an hour of continuous use, so you can hike the entire day while having this nifty Vaporizer in your backpack or pocket!

Core Lite Survival Knife

A blade, a light, and a whistle, that’s the formula for the Core Lite Survival Knife, a hybrid survival tool made by Adventure Medical Kits of Oakland, Calif. The Core Lite’s edge, just over 2 inches long, is touted to be able to cut wet tree bark to expose dry inner wood as well as be used for notching and grooving branches if you need to construct a shelter. When the sun goes down, your work doesn’t have to stop; a dual-battery ultra-bright LED light points down the blade for cutting in the dark and will illuminate your camp when other light sources aren’t available. A 100db rescue whistle at the base of the knife handle helps signal rescuers to your location. At only 1.4 ounces, the Core Lite is well worth the investment!

Granite Gear Ultralight Backpack

The Granite Gear Virga 2 Backpack is the newest incarnation of a perennial frame less favorite for all types of backpackers, novice and experienced alike! This ultralight backpacker just got a serious update and a reduction in weight! Redesigned shoulder straps, a true roll top closure to keep out the elements, a mesh pocket in front and a padded hip belt make for an even more comfortable and useful pack. There are also some weight saving tweaks? 10mm rather than 1” webbing keep the weight below the original version even with the added features! The end result is a more comfortable Virga that still defines ultralight and weighs 2 ounces less than its predecessor.

May 8th, 2014

IMR VS ICR Batteries, Which IS BETTER?

Wulf Mods ICR and IMR Batteries

With the expansion of Vaporizers as a viable alternative to traditional methods, Mod style personal vaporizers have become the next big trend. As more novice patrons gravitate towards these advanced style devices, the need for understanding the difference between various types of batteries becomes a necessity for consumers.

What is an IMR Type of Battery?

IMR is a product code. "I" stands for Lithium-Ion, "M" stands for the Manganese based chemistry, and "R" stands for rechargeable. IMR batteries are not protected and typically have a lower capacity, but they are much more stable than their ICR counterparts. The manganese chemistry is much less volatile and safer so manufacturers do not see a need to include a safety fuse; however we do recommend a vape safe fuse or a kick for use in mechanical mods when using an IMR battery.

What is an ICR Type of Battery?

ICR is again a product code. Same as before except "C" stands for the Cobalt based chemistry. Most ICR batteries, such as Wulf Mods Batteries, are rated high enough to handle most atomizers and are still popular because of their high capacities, the higher the mAh capacity the longer the battery will last. Under a normal load by an average vaper, every 100mAh equates to about 1-hour of vaping, so that 2000mAh battery will last about 18 to 20 hours of moderate use.

What is a high drain battery?

High drain means that the cell can handle high output currents. ICR cells are usually limited to 2 times the charge capacity in output drain. So, for example, a 9000mAh 18350 ICR cell would be limited to two times 900mA or 1.8A. This is why this type of cell must be protected. It has the lowest drain capability and the highest volatility or flammability in composition. Unprotected IMR batteries are for use with mechanical mods and variable voltage units such as the Provari and Tesla Mechanical Mod.

What is best for a mechanical mod?

Generally speaking, you only use an IMR cell when the device specifically calls for one. IMR cells are required for boosters (single cell VV or VW) because boosters require higher drain. With a booster, you're going from lower voltage to higher voltage. That means you're going from higher current to lower current. IMR cells may also be required for unregulated mods if the cell is small.

Which type of battery is better?

In the end, the size of your cell boils down to what you want in run time versus size. That's always the big trade-off. If you want a smaller device with a smaller cell, you'll have less run time. If you want more run time, you'll have to tolerate a larger device with a larger cell.

Which type of battery lasts longer?

As ICR Batteries are Low Drain batteries that produce a longer run time. As IMR batteries have a higher Drain, they provide a shorter run time. If you are going on a road trip, say the Grand Canyon National Park, just make sure to have extra batteries on hand for continuous Vaping!

April 23rd, 2014

3 Killer Kitchen Appliances for every Household

Bud Bug Automated Grinder

People say that "Home is Where the Heart Is" and we all know that the kitchen area is a main staple for every family. With a plethora of choices available for enhancing your household, here are 3 must have kitchen appliances that offer a fresh approach for everyday use.

Bud Bug Automated Spice/Flower Grinder -$44.99

What if your spice grinder has a mind of its own and legs? Bud Bug Automated Grinder boasts the title of the "World's 1st Fully Automated Grinder" which immensely simplifies the grinding process! Place your dried blend of choice; such as Lavender or Sage, inside the loading chamber and activate the power by clicking down on the outer shell of the Bud Bug. The Bud Bug is divided into three separate compartments: outer shell, grinder, and release port. A revolutionary design allows for the blend to be dispersed through the bottom of the Bud Bug Grinder while moving forward in a straight line due to the built-in rotary wheel!

NewAir 32 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler -$499.99

From the social drinker to the daily wine connoisseur, you can't undervalue the savory taste of properly chilled wine. Wine coolers are much more than glorified mini-fridges. They are designed with a specific function in mind and much customization has gone into the development of each cooler. The NewAir 32 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler answers the need for a quality Wine Cooler. Patrons can Store up to 32 bottles of wine in separate dual zone compartments; while wooden pull out drawers provide easy access to wine.

GE Built-In Dishwasher GDWF100V -$599

This GE Built-In Dishwasher has a 52 dBA sound level with a very quiet two-pump system. The washer also features a 5-stage filtration with Piranha™ hard food disposer that ensures clean dishes and a Steam Pre-Wash that loosens tough soils before the cycle, so dishes don't need to be pre-rinsed. A place sitting of 16 items is a major upgrade. In addition there are also separate dedicated silverware jets that spray the silverware area for better cleaning. This GE washer is also ENERGY STAR® qualified, so you can be sure you are saving energy and money.

November 1st, 2013

The Liquis E-Juice Vaporizer

Puffit X Forced Air Portable Vaporizer

The Liquis E-Juice Vape Pen is a new portable unit that features a refillable heating chamber which holds up to 2.0 ml of e-juice. A replaceable heating coil provides an extra layer of convenience while enjoying a variety of liquids such as Got Vape Juice. There are 2 stylish colors to choose from such as Pearl White and Satin Black, so you can find the perfect color that fits your lifestyle.

Each Liquis Vaporizer measures only 5 inches in Height and .5” inches in Diameter, handily fitting inside your palm or pocket. A 650 MAH rechargeable Li-Ion battery allows for hours of continuous use and is built with both a 10 second Auto Shut Off Safety Feature and Lock/Unlock function for optimal performance.

There are 2 stylish colors to choose from such as Pearl White and Satin Black, so you can find the perfect Liquis Vaporizer that fits your lifestyle. With features such as a rechargeable lithium ion battery, a refillable heating tank, an auto shutoff safety feature and a rapid 5 second heat up time, the Liquis Vaporizer is perfect for both novice and expert Vaporization patrons.

To learn more about the Liquis Vaporizer, visit

September 20th, 2013

The KTS Mechanical Mod Ejuice Vaporizer

KTS Mechanical Mod Ejuice Vaporizer

The KTS Vaporizer is a new Portable Variable Voltage Mod Vaporizer that is designed specifically for liquid ejuice and essential Oils. Utilizing a smooth telescopic design concept, the KTS Variable Voltage Mod Vaporizer measures only 6 1/4 inches in Length and is lightweight, making the KTS extremely travel friendly and practical in use.

Each KTS can be used with 3 different types of Li-Ion Batteries: 18350, 18500 and 18650; allowing you to control the amount of power with this mod, as well as the height. Learn more about the KTS at

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