April 30th, 2013

The Sutra Essential Oil Vaporizer

Sutra Essential Oil Vaporizer

Addressing the need for an efficient personal unit and built with a sleek design concept,the SUTRA Essential Oil Vaporizer is an extremely small and compact Portable Vaporizer manufactured by Got Vape that is designed specifically for Concentrated Essential Oils.

Utilizing a stylish and innovative print concept, the SUTRA Essential Oil Vaporizer is available in a wide range of colors such as: Satin Black, Pearl White, Carbon Fiber, Burlwood, Stone, and Tie Dye. This allows you to find the perfect color that fits your lifestyle!

A re-engineered stainless steel heating chamber, featuring a wickless ceramic nichrome heating element, allows for a hefty amount of your essential oil to be Vaporized at one time. As an added bonus for the conscious consumer, each SUTRA Vaporizer is equipped with a spare heating chamber as well.

For a nominal fee, the SUTRA Vaporizer is also available in an optional XL Pack that includes two full units. This allows patrons the ability to have a spare SUTRA Vaporizer to use or keep as a back up when the situation presents itself. Learn more about the SUTRA Essential Oil Vaporizer at

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