September 19th, 2013

Introducing the Upgraded Torpedo Domeless Nail, the T2

Torpedo T2 Titanium Domeless Nail

The new Torpedo T2 Titanium Domeless Nail is an advanced Vaporization accessory for your concentrated essential oils that is equipped with a universal 14mm and 18mm fitting and is made out of Grade 2 Titanium.

A two part filling chamber allows for a larger portion of essential oils to be used along with easy cleaning feature. The Torpedo T2 Titanium Domeless Nail makes the use of traditional vapor globes and glass adapters irrelevant with a new innovative design! Learn more at www.GotVape.com.

May 20th, 2013

Torpedo Domeless Nail

Torpedo Titanium Domeless Nail

Crafted out of high quality Grade 2 Titanium, the Torpedo Domeless Nail removes the need for a traditional Vapor Dome.  Each Torpedo uses precise CNC machining that allows for simple operation with a traditional 14 mm or 18 mm Glass Joint.

Measuring only 2 inches in length, with an outer diameter of .75 inches, the Torpedo allows you to Vaporize all types of concentrated essential oils.

The Torpedo Domeless Nail is built with a heat reduction system that utilizes cylindrical air vents to stabilize the heat generated.  The 4 air vents are located underneath the main filling chamber.

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