June 5th, 2013

The New Zen Pen Vaporizer

Zen Pen Vaporizer

The Zen Pen Vaporizer is a sleek and compact Portable Vaporizer manufactured by Got Vape. Each Zen Pen Vaporizer measures 5 inches in Height a .5 inch Diameter, conveniently fitting inside the palm of your hand. Wide arrays of colors are available; including Carbon Fiber, Burlwood, Stone, Tie Dye, and Satin Black.

The Zen Pen can Vaporize either dried blends or concentrated essential oils at any altitude and provides silent operation. Utilizing a ceramic core, the heating chamber provides even heating of your blend while containing the heat within the chamber.

With features such as a ceramic heating element, a speedy 5 second heat up time, and rechargeable Lithium Ion battery; the Zen Pen will effectively Vaporize either your dried blends or concentrated essential oils. Learn more about the Zen Pen Vaporizer at www.GotVape.com.

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